• What kind of technology do you use for Chrovis analysis?

    At present, we use following algorithms:

    BWA, SAMTools, Picard, VarScan

    We re-implement these algorithms by ourselves for integration of the system.

  • How much is for the installation fee?

    Please contact to customer support.
  • Do you have a paper related to Chrovis?

    We have already submitted a paper, but it has not been published yet.

  • Do you have a patent related to Chrovis?

    We have already applied for a patent around some parts of Chrovis.

  • Who is developing/operating Chrovis?

    Xcoo, Inc. is planning, developing, and managing Chrovis.

    Xcoo team is made up of experts in computer science, medicine, biology, and bioinformatics.