Full Support for Genomic, Biological, Medical, and Clinical Data Analysis

Chrovis fully supports your data analysis for genomics and other omics.

You can leave jobs of data analysis up to computers.

Chrovis will show you results with numerous evidence for validation and evaluation of them.

Chrovis makes medical doctors and researchers in the field of medicine and biology

focus on their activities to discover diagnosis, treatment, medical, and biological knowledge.

Ultra Fast and Automatic Data Analysis

We designed Chrovis for scaling on a massive infrastructure which is consisting of dozens or hundreds of CPU cores.

It can conduct very fast data analysis of genomics and omics dataset with a full usage of computational power.

Chrovis automatically operates quality checking of sequences, mapping them on a reference genome, adding annotations from various databases, evaluating and filtering these results, and summarizing to a report.

Chrovis relieves research/support engineers from those heavy tasks.

Organized Database of Biomedicine

Chrovis refers various databases of biology and medicine, for example, dbSNP, ClinVar, COSMIC, UniProt, DrugBank, ClinicalTrials.gov, and OMIM.

You can use them via an integrated interface.

Also, screening and grouping this dataset and organizing them in an optimized data structure, Chrovis has implemented the database with higher usability and performance.

Accurate Reporting and Data Visualization

Chrovis provides annotated reports which support medical doctors and researchers for diagnosis and treatment.

The unique browser of Chrovis comprehensibly visualize the analysis results.

Retrieving knowledge from various databases and scoring/filtering them with rule-based or machine learning algorithms, Chrovis summarize results to an accurate report.

Data Management with Higher Security

Chrovis encrypts all data with the best encryption algorithm, AES-256.

Chrovis securely manages data in all time.

Chrovis also securely communicates within computers using SSL/TLS (Secure Sockets Layer/Transport Layer Security).

Besides, Chrovis controls users' accesses based on their authority and monitors their every action.